Accommodation in our pension


Jug of wine and a lost locket.
Peace in the house, burning candles on the table and pours a cup Josephine vína.Přemýšlí on yesterday's walk
palace garden, where she met her unknown. It was a highwayman, or a knight?
Up to now find that rare medallion on the neck is not.
Look to the Josephine Castle gardens, walk around the pond and try to find treasure
is lost.


Gold dot in the middle of thousands of blacks.
It was Victoria, whose existence has not let any man at rest. Whether it was a servant
sitting on the seat, or the Marquis himself.
Walk with Victoria city gates and see her eyes, who was her


Symbol of eternal femininity.
Noble lady who was part of a fairytale splendor. World that no longer exists today.
Become a device with Elizabeth and order. Experience with her the desire and passion. Be controlled by the government and.


Romance, mystery and danger.
In its time, Dep afford all this.
Magdalena refuge here had the love of his travels?
Become a fraction of a second Magdalene, the sinful lady without glitter.

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Nová novinka